This Breakfast--Ahem--British Man Has His Priorities Straight

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Over the protests of the entire nations of Scotland and Northern Ireland, British prime minister Theresa May has announced that she will begin formal negotiations for the United Kingdom to exit the European Union by March of next year. But first: breakfast.

Welsh Conservative leader Andrew Davies’ slip of the tongue came at a party conference in Birmingham, where he delivered a speech emphasizing the seriousness of the party’s commitment to making breakfa—Brexit a success.


Could definitely go for a nice big fry up right about now. Some black pudding. Eggs. Fried tomato. Bacon. Sausage. Hot cuppa tea. Yum.

We’ve reached out to the English Breakfast Society, a nonprofit “dedicated to the tradition, history and heritage of the traditional full English breakfast,” for comment on MP Davies remarks and will update if we hear back.

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From the English Breakfast Society’s website:

Black pudding is a kind of sausage, except that unlike normal sausages, you make it with blood. To make a black pudding, you must cook blood mixed with a filler (oatmeal) until it is thick enough to congeal when cooled.