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Author Tom Bower hasĀ delivered to royal gossip media a gift basket to last til the end of our lives,Ā via theĀ Daily Mail. The excerpt from his new book Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles, is a straightforward list of requirements to accommodate Prince Charlesā€™s travel, dietary, and bowel movement-related needs, each so wildly unreasonable that plundering even the most mundane minutia is a headline unto its own.

For example, CRAZY: is he jealous of William and Kate because Canada didnā€™t invite him over first???

We may consult a list of etiquette donā€™ts courtesy of Bower:

  • Moving all the furniture out of the guest room and replacing it with your own
  • Announcing oneā€™s arrival by unscrewing the hostā€™s toilet seat and installing a personal one
  • Announcing that it is always too hot or too cold
  • Demanding booze on-hand at all times
  • Shouting at a loaf of bread, ā€˜No, thatā€™s mine! Only for me!ā€™
  • Asking people if youā€™re bonkers.

All of these things will not make Canada want to have you over.


The first look of Harry and Meghanā€™s royal romance Lifetime movie is here! 20 seconds of them searching for love.

I do hope they find it somehow. Rooting for them.

Hereā€™s the first photo of Chicago West with no Snapchat filter:


  • Barbara Streisand revealed that she hasnā€™t talked to the media because of her Mike Wallace interview which she called hurtful. Understandably. She also says she never had a ā€œ#MeToo momentā€: ā€œI wasnā€™t like those pretty girls with those nice little noses. Maybe thatā€™s why.ā€ [Page Six]
  • Anna Faris made a face and now itā€™s stuck that way. I love you. [Instagram]
  • Kathy Griffin scores a small victory in the cold war with neighbor and KB Home CEO Jeffrey Mezger, which went all the way up to the Washington Post. His request for a restraining order against her, in retaliation to her request for a restraining order against him, was reportedly dismissed. [Perez Hilton]
  • Blac Chyna set aside the endless bitter litigation and wished Rob a happy birthday. [Metro]