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Author Tom Bower has delivered to royal gossip media a gift basket to last til the end of our lives, via the Daily Mail. The excerpt from his new book Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles, is a straightforward list of requirements to accommodate Prince Charles’s travel, dietary, and bowel movement-related needs, each so wildly unreasonable that plundering even the most mundane minutia is a headline unto its own.


For example, CRAZY: is he jealous of William and Kate because Canada didn’t invite him over first???

We may consult a list of etiquette don’ts courtesy of Bower:

  • Moving all the furniture out of the guest room and replacing it with your own
  • Announcing one’s arrival by unscrewing the host’s toilet seat and installing a personal one
  • Announcing that it is always too hot or too cold
  • Demanding booze on-hand at all times
  • Shouting at a loaf of bread, ‘No, that’s mine! Only for me!’
  • Asking people if you’re bonkers.

All of these things will not make Canada want to have you over.


The first look of Harry and Meghan’s royal romance Lifetime movie is here! 20 seconds of them searching for love.

I do hope they find it somehow. Rooting for them.

Here’s the first photo of Chicago West with no Snapchat filter:

  • Barbara Streisand revealed that she hasn’t talked to the media because of her Mike Wallace interview which she called hurtful. Understandably. She also says she never had a “#MeToo moment”: “I wasn’t like those pretty girls with those nice little noses. Maybe that’s why.” [Page Six]
  • Anna Faris made a face and now it’s stuck that way. I love you. [Instagram]
  • Kathy Griffin scores a small victory in the cold war with neighbor and KB Home CEO Jeffrey Mezger, which went all the way up to the Washington Post. His request for a restraining order against her, in retaliation to her request for a restraining order against him, was reportedly dismissed. [Perez Hilton]
  • Blac Chyna set aside the endless bitter litigation and wished Rob a happy birthday. [Metro]

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She also says she never had a “#MeToo moment”: “I wasn’t like those pretty girls with those nice little noses. Maybe that’s why.”

BABS NO. Without hearing audio it’s hard to get her tone here, but this argument came up here on Jez a LOT when we were talking about catcalling all the time. IT IS NOT ABOUT BEING ATTRACTIVE.

I am glad to hear that she’s been ok, though.