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This Bladder Leakage Commercial Is Weirdly Sexual

"I love Sam. Sam knows how to take care of a woman," a lady in a classroom (?) stage-whispers to a lady who appears to be a total stranger. Sam is not a man. Sam is a pad for soaking up urine.


As seen on Adrants, this Poise ad attempts to make bladder leakage fun and slightly erotic. The woman in question continues, "Sam is very small, but Sam can last for hours. I have Sam in my pants right now." Then she proceeds to whip out a Poise pad, because Sam is not a man, or a pocket vibrator; Sam stands for Super Absorbent Material. And because this is a commercial and not real life, the stranger listening does not excuse herself from the conversation and text a friend omg sitting next 2 crazy lady but replies, "I wish I had Sam in my pants." It makes sense to want to talk about bladder leakage with a sense of humor, and the spot certainly grabs your attention, but the eroticism just ups the squick factor. I do not like it Sam I Am.

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Celia the Vampire Slaying Vampire

Well, I know when I'm showing random strangers my period pantyliners I absolutely make sure to pour a Styrofoam cup of water on them. How else would they believe me about absorbency? What an accurate ad depicting these true-to-life conversations between lady strangers. It's weird how she just knew the other lady also had urination leakage! Like ESPN or something.