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This Bear's Gon' Learn Today

Illustration for article titled This Bears Gon Learn Today

A black bear that was interested in checking out what Bozeman High School had to offer was seen patrolling the hallways, loitering by the lockers and walking around the football field.


After completing a full tour of the Montana school, the studious bear is said to have decided against enrolling, surprisingly.


ABC News reports:

Superintendent Rob Watson says members of the booster club were meeting in a cafeteria at about 7:30 a.m. Wednesday when a bear was spotted on the football field [Ed note: Not wearing a book-bag]. The bear walked into the school courtyard and then through a garage door and down a long, locker-lined hall.

Here’s video footage, via Mashable. One man looks at the bear in wonderment while a student scurries across the hall in fear.


The bear did not hurt anyone; it was only there to learn. Cops later escorted—or rather, chased—the bear out of the building.

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Kenny and the Llamas

They chased it out? I guess they haven’t heard of Brown Bear v. Board of Education up in Montana.

Poor bear just wants to learn some geometry.