This Bald Eagle Is Safe And Sound After Being Rescued From a Car Grille

Hurricane Matthew has been the cause of a slew of bad news, so let’s pause to appreciate a happy narrative. After the storm wrought havoc through Florida, 911 received a call to rescue this fellow from the grille of a car. He is now safe, “standing up and alert,” without any major injuries.


According to CNN, a driver in the Jacksonville area made the call after finding our country’s national bird in this unhappy situation. He was successfully retrieved and taken to the Bird Emergency And Kare Sanctuary (B.E.A.K.S.) in Talbot Island.

Cynthia Mosling, the owner of B.E.A.K.S., tells CNN that this gent seems to be a seven-year-old male. She also explained the circumstances of his serendipitous recovery. At an intersection, a driver noticed something sticking in the grille of an oncoming car. When he saw a moving head, he realized it was a trapped animal. He immediately pursued the car, alerted its owner to the emergency, and called 911.

Soon, Mosling will conduct a checkup, and if everything’s in order, the bird can fly free.

The rescuers have named the eagle Matthew — and, honestly, that seems a bit bizarre considering a “Matthew” of sorts put him in peril. But hell, the bird’s ok, so the rest is just details.


Here’s hoping this becomes be perfect metaphor for America in 2016. I’m so ready to get out of the grill of this fucking clown car.