This Baby Was the Only Reasonable Person at Donald Trump's Rally

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Yesterday Donald Trump and his 20,000 most fervent supporters gathered for a “pep rally” at Ladd-Peebles stadium in Alabama. “You know, now I know how the great Billy Graham felt,” Trump said to crowd. And just like a Graham-style revival, Trump sang to the souls of pilgrims. According to The Guardian, Trump read from the Word of Trump, Orthodox:

“He called to build a wall on the US-Mexico border (paid for by Mexico), for an end to birthright citizenship (‘anchor babies’), and questioned why America should protect Japan if it was attacked. He called Bush ‘weak on immigration’ and said Democrat Hillary Clinton wouldn’t ‘make it to the gate.’ He said that despite popular perception, the Triple Crown-winner Secretariat was really not that great of a sire. He said he went to jury duty.”


The crowd cheered, they hate Secretariat just as much as Trump. And though the crowd was not as large as the Trump campaign expected—they said 40,000 RSVP’d for the event—those that came were thrilled to have Trump lay hands on them. Everyone except for one single baby.

As Trump cupped the baby’s chubby cheeks with his hands, the baby betrayed his bafflement at the adults around him. There, on the baby’s face, was a mixture of confusion with slight fear. That baby is all of us.


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Kat Marlowe

Can someone be placed under psychiatric observation based on a picture? Someone needs to take hold of that woman and pull her back into the firm embrace of reality.