This 70s Board Game Pits Capitalists Against Workers. Guess Who Wins

Earlier this year, Hasbro attempted to dissolve the gender pay gap by releasing Ms. Monopoly, an updated version of the classic Monopoly game. In the new version, women are given more money than men at the start of the game and are paid more for passing “Go.” (If only I could pay my rent with Monopoly money!)

Instead of buying into the new feminist imposter Monopoly, Jezebel decided to revisit a truly leftist board game invented by NYU Professor Bertell Ollman in 1978, Class Struggle.


In the game, players compete as social classes, collect assets and debits along the way, and have to work together to win the revolution. Only the capitalists or the workers can win: but, to be honest, we all know how this ends.


Paul Maidment, G/O Media Editorial Director, Fan Account

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