This 38-Pound Fat Cat Is Doing Fine Now

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A stray cat that weighed the size of a toddler was recently brought into a Canadian shelter and treated.

The 38-pound cat has since been placed on a diet while she works her way down to a healthier size. According to the Fredericton SPCA, the cat’s obesity had led to several “physical side effects.”

People reports:

The cat was taken to the Hometown Veterinary Hospital for treatment and named Tina, in a nod to a similar case of feline obesity that occurred there in 2012 with a cat named Tiny. She’s currently residing at the hospital and is stable for now.


“She completely filled the cage,” says FSPCA’s Andrea Stone, kinda rudely. “I was very worried for this cat. I didn’t think she would survive.”

Luckily, Tina lived and she’s doing just fine.

In related fat happy feline news from People Pets, a cat that was formerly missing for almost a year and a half finally made its way back to his owner, weighing twice as much as when he left.

The owner, Catherine Lang, is just grateful for Yoda’s return. “I was absolutely distraught,” Lang says. “I hung up posters, posted leaflets through people’s doors. I did everything in my power to get Yoda back. People actually started noticing me in the street and asked if I’d found him yet.”

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I just adopted this kitten a couple hours ago and she is asleep on my shoulder right now, you guys.

I really appreciate that Jezebel already has a cat post up for me to share this with you.