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Kristin Davis hinted that cast members are open to filming another installment of the series. At this point, though, isn't it kind of just a shitty version of The Golden Girls?


I loved the series when it was on TV and teeth grittingly tolerated the first film, but I walked out of the most recent offering, not because I was mad, but because I was embarrassed for everyone involved in the film's production and sad for the fate of the series. Undaunted after starring in a movie so bad that not even my The Bachelorette-addicted ass could enjoy it, the artist known as Charlotte onscreen expressed enthusiasm over the idea of a new film adaptation of Sex and the City could be in the cards. Oh, God. No.

Aside from the fact that every single plotline is totally exhausted and I kind of hate all of the characters now that the last film taught me that they've actually been racists this whole time, there's the issue of a title. What will they call it? I say they should go with Sex And The City 3: Tokyo Drift and get Vin Diesel involved.


"Could A Third Sex And The City Movie Be In The Pipeline?" [Daily Telegraph]

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