Third Employee Joins Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Against Fox News

Image via AP Photo.
Image via AP Photo.

A third black woman employee has joined a racial discrimination suit against Fox News, which, based on the deluge of allegations that have surfaced in recent months, appears to have been operating as some sort of emotional torture dungeon from the 1950s.


Monica Douglas, Fox News’s manager for credit collections, alleges in the lawsuit that comptroller Judith Slater spent years subjecting her to racist slurs.

From New York Magazine:

Among the allegations, Douglas asserts that Slater complained she had “black eyes” as opposed to the “Aryan race” who have blue eyes and blond hair; called her Brooklyn neighborhood “the murder capital of the world”; and expressed “an unwillingness to even be near black people.”

Fox fired Slater last month, claiming they “took the appropriate action in investigating and firing Ms. Slater within two weeks of this being brought to our attention”; however, Douglas claims that she repeatedly complained about Slater’s behavior to Fox general counsel Dianne Brandi beginning in 2014 and “nothing was done.”

Douglas joins the suit initially filed by Tichaona Brown and Tabrese Wright, who claimed that Slater said black employees mispronounced words and once asked Wright if her children “were all fathered by the same man.” According to the lawsuit, Slater allegedly called black men “women beaters,” mocked the Black Lives Matter movement, and called their department “urban” or “southern” in reference to its mostly-black staffers.

Over the weekend, the New York Times reported that Bill O’Reilly cost the company $13 million in secret settlements paid out to women employees who alleged sexual harassment—without losing his job—while yet another Fox employee, Julie Roginsky, filed a lawsuit claiming that former Fox head Roger Ailes sexually harassed her. Advertisers are peeling away from The O’Reilly Factor, while federal prosecutors in New York are investigating whether Fox hid the harassment allegations from shareholders; Donald Trump abruptly fired New York attorney general Preet Bharara during the probe, and is reportedly considering replacing Bharara with Marc Mukasey, Roger Ailes’ personal lawyer.

Fox News recently celebrated its 15th year as the country’s most-watched cable network.


Update: A Fox News spokesperson has provided Jezebel with the following statement:

“We take complaints of this nature very seriously and took prompt and effective remedial action in terminating Judy Slater before Ms. Brown, Ms. Wright and Ms. Douglas sued in court and even before Ms. Wright and Ms. Douglas complained through their lawyer. There is no place for conduct like this at Fox News, which is why Ms. Slater was fired.”

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