Thieves 'Completely Trash' Nicki Minaj's Los Angeles Home, Steal $200K of Her Stuff

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

While out of town earlier this week, a thief (or thieves) Bang Banged their way into Nicki Minaj’s Los Angeles mansion without Pounding the Alarm, and stole somewhere in the neighborhood of $200,000 in “jewelry and other property.” TMZ reports her home was “totally trashed,” and that the investigation has Only just begun.


The burglar (or burglars) “knocked over and flipped furniture and items all over the house,” which seems to suggest they were looking for something specific. The extensive damage to “picture frames, perfume bottles, furniture” and clothing—much of which was cut up—has been interpreted by TMZ’s sources as evidence that the burglary was “personal.” Why would someone take the time to destroy her Pills N Potions if they didn’t have an axe to grind?

There’s no word yet as to whether or not the thieves left any Pinkprints behind, but it’s clear this crime was perpetrated by a Stupid Hoe.

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I dunno, seems worth more concern than a bunch of puns. How terrible and absolutely frightening for her. :(