Thieves Broke Into Chris Brown's Home and Locked His Aunt in A Closet

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On Wednesday morning, three men broke into Chris Brown’s Los Angeles home, robbed it, and locked his aunt in a closet.


According to the Daily News, no one was injured, but the robbers escaped with cash and other “personal items.” Dressed in masks and armed with handguns, they may or may not have been caught on the singer’s video security system.

This break-in at Brown’s home follows another earlier this year, in which a crazed fan entered Brown’s empty home and stayed long enough to cook a few meals, spray paint “I love you” in the kitchen and hang out until she was discovered by Brown and his team. She was later arrested.


Wednesday’s robbery is still under investigation by the local police.

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This terrible, but it does beg the question as to R Kelly's present whereabouts.