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They're Tying the Knot!

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Over the past few weeks, celebrity gossip has been dominated by stories about several high-profile breakups. So I was overjoyed Monday afternoon to learn that two of our biggest stars have—against all odds—found love in this club that we call “the spotlight.”


Sunday afternoon, the model—whose face we could almost certainly match to a name if only we were given the whole thing—shared the exciting news of her engagement to the world’s most famous “44-year-old Yahoo executive” with her followers on Twitter:

Illustration for article titled Theyre Tying the Knot!

With those high-waisted jeans and Instagram-ready choker, I can tell this blushing (is she blushing? I can’t see her cheeks) bride-to-be is definitely on trend when it comes to fashion. But when it comes to love, she’s going against the grain—because, boy howdy, she’s in it!

She and her fiancé welcomed their first child together, Alaska, in 2015. But you probably knew that.

Images via Getty/Twitter.

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Cathy Ames-Trask, fka Angelica Schuyler

Really? Them?