These Whack Job Vines By the Westboro Baptist Church Are Totally Nuts

The Westboro Baptist Church is so nuts, fringe and thirsty for attention ("How nuts, fringe and thirsty for attention are they?") that it's usually best to ignore them, but every now and then they do something embarrassing and ridiculous enough that you can't help but point and laugh.

Usually, these moments are when the WBC is trying to be current and cool (Megan Phelps-Roper's Lady Gaga parody "Whorish Face" comes to mind) and this time is no different.


Vine, as pointed out by Miles Klee at the Daily Dot, has become a fairly popular app among the WBC-ers as it allows them to compound their overwhelming mountains of hatred into tiny, six-second hate turds for them to them to easily roll around in.

It also helps them combine their bigotry with very catchy songs. Like this one here:


Don't ask if you can download "Doom to the World" on iTunes, though, because the WBC really hates Steve Jobs. Just look at this angry message they recorded for him on an iPhone that one of them definitely paid money for. (Apple thanks the WBC for their continued financial support.)


(The best worst part about that one is how it cuts off mid-sentence. How are we ever supposed to find out what happens to Steve Jobs???)

Here's a cute Vine where they get a bunch of little kids to make fun of tsunami victims.


And a Duck Dynasty send-up (topical!):


This one shows that they are very skilled at comedy.


Hahahahahaha. I guess we all needed a good laugh.

Way to be creative, WBC, but terrible news — creativity is actually for fags.

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