These Stormtroopers Got Down to Beyoncé on Britain's Got Talent

Here is a gaggle of Stormtroopers doing the “Single Ladies” choreography as well as the nae nae on Britain’s Got Talent.

The dance troupe, called Boogie Storm, appeared on stage Saturday night without a word of introduction and simply began to do their thing (dancing in Stormtrooper suits). Noted curmudgeon Simon Cowell was so delighted by their performance that he referred to them as “a dream come true” and awarded them his Golden Buzzer. These hand servants of the Dark Side will advance to the finals.

Over the course of roughly four minutes, the other judges were seemingly in competition with one another to ascertain who could make the most bland jokes about Cowell being the “real life Darth Vader.” Get it? It’s funny because they’re both mean!


However, according to the Mirror, many fans of the show are furious with Cowell for choosing Boogie Storm over Coronation Street’s Rachael Wooding. Wooding’s powerful performance purportedly moved viewers to tears. As for the Stormtroopers? Well, they did a lot in what must have been miserably uncomfortable costumes—but hey, that was their choice.

Video via YouTube.

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I’m glad they have this to fall back on. They’re a little short for storm troopers.