These Spoofs of 'Prankvertising' Are Hilarious and Perfect

You know those prank-based advertisements that are all the rage these days? Like, where you give people a hankering for a high-def TV by making them think they and all their loved ones are about to be incinerated by some sort of horrific nuclear assault? Or you pique people's interest in a night out a the movies by causing them to diarrhea their pants in terror when they're just trying to get a macchiato? Because nothing moves product quite like traumatizing your customers for life! Oh man, it's going to go so viral the first time someone has a heart attack in a fake elevator or punches out a pretend psychic. You guys are going to sell HELLA GRANOLA BARS.


Toronto-based ad agency John St. has created their own series of "prankvertisements" that really take the concept to the next level. If thrilling people with a fake meteor is good, then actually snatching a baby from its weeping mother's arms must be advertising gold! "You see," says one canny employee, "fear releases adrenaline, which is directly linked to memory. So we're literally searing our brand into their minds."


It's a flawless spoof. You should watch it.

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Gawn Til November

This reminds me of those fucked up wedding proposals, its basically manipulating someone into marrying you.…

I did find the satire in this video hilarious tho.