There are many ways to celebrate the holidays. Ice skating, egg nog, burning a giant log, or heck—why not throw a couple penguins into the room?


Gothamist reports that on Wednesday, Betty and Vern Penguin crossed the Hudson from their home in New Jersey at Jenkinson’s Aquarium to walk the floors of 1 WTC’s observatory deck. One World Observatory is on the 100th floor, so this is the highest penguins have probably ever been. It was likely pretty terrifying, honestly.

The penguins didn’t ask to be brought to Manhattan. They were sent there as part of the Observatory’s special holiday week “Kids Day,” because kids love animals that look lost and out of place. Sorry, but two penguins is not nearly enough flightless birds to make a room feel cheerful. I want to be neck deep in squawking confused avians. You should barely be able to move, hands clenching feathers and liquid that could be either blood or guano. Just kidding, I’m very glad Vern and Betty made it out alive and it looks like no kids got to actually touch them:


They were then safely returned to earth and their painted Jersey home:

Hmm, maybe Vern and Betty were bribed to come to the WTC with promises of real ice.

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