These Notebook Engagement Photos Are Pretty Damn Romantic

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Such is the strength of people's love for The Notebook that these 2010 engagement photos went viral again this past month.


Four years ago, Cindy Gauthier and Jean-Nicola Barile recreated various iconic scenes from the 2004 tearjerker, starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. I might be the only one who is [kinda, sorta] immune to this movie's charms, but even I have to admit that this couple looks the part, and somewhat recapture the same intensity that the original Noah and Allie had.


Gauthier and Barile are still together and have a 2-year-old boy, now. Apologies in advance for being cynical, but here's hoping that their love story has a less Alzheimer's-heavy end.

You can view more shots here. Judging by what's on twitter, it seems like other couples have had the same idea as well.


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McCoy's Mistress

Engagement photos, destroy-the-dress photos, maternity photos... I have no desire to partake in any of this crap. There are better ways to spend time and money, and I'd feel ridiculous in "romantic" poses, esp while pregnant.