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These Giant Quilted Polyester Penises Are the Highest Form of Art

Illustration for article titled These Giant Quilted Polyester Penises Are the Highest Form of Art

There are a lot of people with abysmal ideas panhandling via Kickstarter. And then there's Holly Stewart, who used the platform to raise money to support her art, which is making enormous quilted polyester penises. Art dongs. Hand-crafted wangs.


That's according to the Daily Dot. Stewart, who got her inspiration while working in a dildo factory, has a gallery show coming up titled, "Holly Polyester: Local Grandmother Quilts Giant Penises." (Also featured: natural-sized beaded and sequined penises.) But she needed a little extra cash to cover the cost of flyers and dick stickers, hence the Kickstarter campaign to raise $250. (She ultimately raised $308.)

Anybody who donated at least $10 got something really special:

Your love for the project is starting to show! At this level you'll receive a small bag of sequin semen. Wait, SEQUIN SEMEN? Yes, sequin semen. It's what my colorful sculptures emit, and it's yours as a token of my appreciation.


The only unfortunate thing about this Kickstarter is that it ended before I could acquire my very own bag of sequin semen to keep on my bedside table forever. The good news is she has an Etsy shop where you can still acquire stuffed dicks. Christmas gifts for all your best misandrist buds!

The exhibit is currently ongoing at the UMKC Gallery of Art in Kansas City; according to the Facebook page, its meant as "an exploration of the phallus as the site of female empowerment and the rightful status of the crone in contemporary society." If you can't make it, enjoy this video instead:

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