I know good art when I see it, and this YouTube parody series of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is art of the highest measure. Its four episodes belong in the digital collections of our planet’s most esteemed modern art museums, where they can be preserved long after the Kardashian-Jenners and their spawn are all dead and the city of Calabasas breaks off into the Pacific ocean, where it becomes a floating prison for the country’s most dangerous criminals.

KUWTK parodies have existed since the show premiered in 2007, but what Simgm Productions (who parody a host of other shows, including Pretty Little Liars) have discovered is that the best way to spoof America’s most famous TV family is by digitally recreating their bodies with modified life-simulation software and programming them to say anything they want. Manufactured drama from cobbled together characters, it seems, is best parodied with manufactured drama from cobbled together characters.

Their faces are perfect. Their voices are perfect. The music, the editing, the zooms and dramatic pauses—all perfect! The Kardashians Spoof’s three previous episodes can be found here, and my favorite scene from them can be viewed below.

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GIF via screengrab.