These Adorable Little Boys Will Solve The Cleaning Gender Gap

The other night I found myself perusing toddler cleaning sets on Amazon, as one does. There I was, looking through the toy Dysons and the tiny play ironing sets when I saw them, and caught a glimpse into our future. A future in which equality reigns and beruffled rubber gloves with faux jewels glued to them in an approximation of an engagement ring cease to exist: These boys playing with toddler cleaning sets are going to solve the gender gap in cleaning.

I mean, look at this kid.

That kid is so psyched to be pretend vacuuming! Actually, he looks drunk on the power of it all. Give him 15 or so years and he'll be cleaning up the FIJI house, reminding the brothers to wash their sheets regularly and shining the basement taproom fixtures with Bar Keepers Friend.


His pal wants in on the action. "Sure, I chose an off-white design scheme for the living room, what of it? I vacuum every day, I'm not too worried about traffic patterns forming. Yeah, no I don't know who left that pumpkin out in the middle of the floor—but this baby has the horsepower of a BMW, sucked that gourd right up."

By grammar school, these fastidious fellers have graduated from the easier-to-maneuver upright vacuum to a more sophisticated canister style and their fine motor skill development allows for more control over a broom and dustpan.

Some of them are even personalizing their cleaning trolleys with their names!

"Hiya, Henry! Got a little spill on your hands there?"

"Ah-yuh. Tracked in some sand from down Ogunquit Beach." (Henry is from Maine.)

"Henry, does Hetty know you're using her trolley?"

"Ay-yuh, she lent it to me 'cause mine's in the shop and she knows that I like to do my floors on Saturdays."


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Vacuum Cleaner


My Cleaning Trolley Set with Hand Vacuum Cleaner


Casdon Henry Cleaning Trolley & Casdon Hetty Cleaning Trolley

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