There's Been Some Beautifully Tender Touching at Rio's Men's Rugby Games

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We may never know the rules of rugby. As far as I can tell, it involves an initial group tussle, followed by some running around, blood, occasional ball tossing, angrily pulling one’s mouth guard in and out, and—of course!—love.

Let’s take a look at some of the soft embraces seen at Tuesday’s rugby matches in Rio, and also at some of the thighs attached to said embraces.

A heavily bearded U.S. player stretches, with help from a friend, during the Mens Rugby Sevens Pool A match between the U.S. and Argentina. Image via Getty.
Daniel Sancery of Brazil and a teammate say hello to Fiji’s Osea Kolinisau during the Pool A match between Fiji and Brazil. Image via Getty.
New Zealand’s Tim Mikkelson flaunts his lengthy gams during the Mens Rugby Sevens Pool C match between New Zealand and Japan. Image via Getty.
Lewis Holland of Australia is honestly not sure if he’s up for this hug from France’s Steeve Berry during the Pool B match, especially considering how upset his other friend is right now??? Image via Getty.
New Zealand’s Tim Mikkelson is back in the drama AGAIN during the Pool C match between New Zealand and Japan as he approaches teammate DJ Forbes, who is currently kind of busy having a heart-to-heart with Kazuhiro Goya of Japan. Image via Getty.
France’s Terry Bouhraoua invites James Stannard of Australia along for a sweet game of Ride My Arm Down the Field at the Pool B match between Australia and France. Image via Getty.
A tender group hug is initiated between Joan Losada of Spain and Juan de Jongh and and Cecil Afrika of South Africa during the Pool B match between Spain and South Africa. Image via Getty.

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