There's a Second Michael Jackson Documentary Coming

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The time has come to reexamine the allegations that Michael Jackson sexually abused children with a new documentary airing on HBO next week featuring the in-depth testimony of two of the late pop-star’s accusers. But HBO’s Leaving Neverland isn’t the only documentary about Jackson on the way, as the BBC announced that they’re releasing their own film Michael Jackson: The Rise and Fall later this year.


NME reports that the documentary will focus on Jackson’s entire life and career trajectory rather than specific allegations as Leaving Neverland does. It’s unclear if the documentary will do a deep-dive into the molestation allegations, but it reportedly will “not shy away from” the controversies that have plagued Jackson’s life.

Jackson was acquitted in 2005 on charges that he molested a 13-year-old boy on his Neverland Ranch. Jackson was also accused of molesting a 14-year-old boy in 1993, but paid the accuser and his parents a settlement reportedly in the millions in exchange for them not pressing charges.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel


I’ve always thought that he was, at the least, a creepy perv who was into kids and surrounded himself with them instead of avoiding them like he should have. He had a tragic life and it was very sad, but he was also a creepy perv who was into kids. Like, he was reliving the childhood that was stolen from him? A lot of people have their childhoods stolen from them, get some therapy, man, because that Neverland shit was not healthy. I don’t know, I’ve always thought the pass people gave him was weird. Is it different now, post # metoo?