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There's a Real Life Version of Parks and Recreation's Rent-A-Swag

Illustration for article titled Theres a Real Life Version of emParks and Recreation/ems Rent-A-Swag

Dressing your messy, growing children in couture just got easier, with the short term clothing rental company Borrow Mini Couture.


According to this Huffington Post article, this company came out of the founder struggling to dress her children for weddings without shelling out the big bucks. And the deals sound pretty good, with Borrow Mini Couture renting a $517 Dior dress for $99.

The most important part about this story, though, is that both companies are basically Parks and Recreation's Rent-A-Swag come to life. I don't know how patent law works, but I think that Tom Haverford should get royalties for having this idea first.

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Anyone who would pay $500 for a toddler dress is insane. Anyone who would spend $99 to rent that dress is just dumb. Don't you know how dirty kids are? That dress is gonna be covered in grape juice and snot so fast, even if your kid drinks water and doesn't have a cold. Please.

Not to mention that dressing your child in super expensive clothes is the quickest way to look like the Shallowest Mom/Dad in Town.