There's a Giant Taxidermied Bear in Kelly Clarkson's Living Room

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You heard me—there’s a big dead bear in Kelly Clarkson’s mansion. I’m sorry!
It’s standing on a fake boulder that is stuck to the wall, frozen forever in its final breath, one paw hovered over Clarkson’s “great room.”

A helpful tipster emailed Jezebel to let us know about the bear after Clarkson’s Hendersonville, Tennessee mansion went on the market for $8.75 million, stuffed bear maybe or maybe not included. Here it is, with some friends:

Images via Parks Realty.

I’ve considered the possibility that this isn’t Kelly Clarkson’s bear at all, but rather the bear of an overzealous home staging professional—however, after some light digging, it appears overwhelmingly likely that this is the precise grizzly bear her husband Brandon killed in 2013 on a trip to Alaska the pair took for her birthday.


“I’m an animal activist, but he’s a hunter, and I knew his big thing was grizzly bears,” she told Parade at the time.

I... don’t... know!

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