There's a Facebook Group Just for Cat-Loving Anarchists

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The beautiful thing about the Internet is its limitless ability to bring people together. Like, for instance, anarchist cat lovers.

The Huffington Post reports that the many, many groups operating on Facebook now include Catarchy, which has 1,557 members and is a place for anarchists to post pictures of their cats and discuss cat-related matters. Sample posts: "This is Gypsy, and she's a state socialist. She's grown fat off the exploitation of the workers under the guise of a people's commonwealth," which goes with a picture of a really fat cat, of course, and "Underneath this cute exterior lies a stone cold killer with absolutely no respect for authority." Another features a V for Vendetta quote.

Is it for real? Is it a joke? Who knows. Regardless, it's proof that cats and anarchy go together like peanut butter and jelly because these felines don't give a damn about your rules, man. Have you ever seen a cat put on a suit and go to a job? Have you ever met a cat who gave two shits about whether not he was ~allowed~ to walk all over the kitchen counter?


No. No, you have no. "Fuck the man." — Every cat ever.

(h/t UpRoxx)

Photo via Getty but I'm pretty sure these guys want to smash the state.

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OF COURSE THERE IS. There is a Facebook group for like secretaries of the navy in the early-to-mid 1800s.

People be weird.