There were multiple reports Monday about a Bradley Cooper look-alike who’s managing to weasel his way into parties at the Sundance Film Festival due to his physical similarity to the Oscar-nominated star of Burnt.

From Page Six:

We’re told the doppelganger talked his way into a bash for the film “White Girl” at Bar 53 at Rock and Reilly’s on Saturday, but organizers “quickly caught on.”

Despite the coverage, I haven’t been able to find a photograph of the alleged Coopersonator. What could a man who looks enough like Bradley Cooper to briefly pass as him—but not enough like Bradley Cooper that the story doesn’t end up on People and Page Six—possibly look like?

If pressed to describe Cooper as succinctly as possible, I would say, “He’s a white man with brown hair and stubble who has a charming smile and a face that sort of reminds me of Josh Lucas.” Under the assumption that the Coopersonator’s description would match—and because no story about a Coopersonator is complete without a photo of him—I created a composite face using images of a “charming white man,” “stubble,” “brown hair,” and “Josh Lucas.”


So. Here’s a photo composite of the man reportedly crashing Sundance parties by pretending to be Bradley Cooper:


And a GIF for comparison’s sake:


If you see that man, don’t let him into your party!!!!

UPDATE: The Coopersonator may have been found. Thanks, TommyJarvisx3!


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