There Shall Be No Royal Boob On The Crown for You Commoners to Ogle

Image via Netflix.

If you watch Netflix hit The Crown to get horny, we’ve got some bad news. You will have to just imagine what a royal breast looks, because you will not see one on the show.

Hello Giggles reports that Vanessa Kirby a.k.a. Princess Margaret will not have an on-camera hook up this season with fancy smoke show Matthew Goode, who plays Antony Armstrong-Jones—Tony, if you’re nasty.


During a Netflix presser, Kirby said, “We had a big debate on whether to show royal boob or not. We decided they don’t want to see royal boob, thank god... There was originally a sex scene between Margaret and Antony that was supposed to be really important for her to finally meet her man, come together with him. It wasn’t raunchy at all in the end. It was respectful.”

Beautiful, respectful boinking, with the bra on and the lights off, just like I did it with my first boyfriend. So, can we can an update on the Plebeian Peen? Matthew Goode shouldn’t be wasted in scene after scene of wandering around London holding hands.

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