There Must Be Some Toros In The Atmosphere

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Random question of the day: how are you guys staying warm during this cold spell? Because I woke up yesterday and it was negative 24 degrees outside. I cried, and my tears turned to smoke.

The bleakest part of Winter is upon us, and though it's easy for us to complain about the ridiculously low temperatures, most of us are lucky enough to have a warm place to go, and money to pay the heat bill (even though we may have to cut back elsewhere in order to pay it). So be sure, if you can, to donate warm blankets and winter coats to local organizations: there are so many people who need some extra warmth this winter, especially in these crappy economic times. There are also several heat and warmth charities accepting donations for families in need.

So for those of you who are living in a super cold place right now, how are you dealing with the nasty temperatures? Has your car frozen up? Can you currently feel your toes? Are you, like me, defrosting over a hot bowl of soup at least three times a day? And for those of you who aren't in a cold place right now: screw you guys. Can we come visit?



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I live in the middle of England and my sister told me that last weekend she went to a nearby park where everyone was walking on the frozen lake. There was a tiny circle of un-frozen water in the middle and it was jam packed with cold looking ducks.