There Is Now a Wellness Workout Studio With Crystals Under the Floor

As workout culture becomes increasingly niche, the workout people are having to get more and more creative. SoulCycle, at this point, is for basics; barre is still okay but you’re not allowed to brag about it. The next hot shit, if you’re extremely cool, is working out in a studio that has crystals under the floor. How else to improve your aura, my g? We’re not working out, we’re getting well.

At the brand new space for The Class in New York, a cult workout joint that, according to WWD, “combines elements of cardio, yoga, expression and meditation,” proprietor and fitness guru Taryn Toomey has nestled a surprise beneath the blonde wood in order to add balance to all the toning and firming:

“We have crystals under the floors, which some people might think I’m completely crazy, which is absolutely fine,” Toomey explained of the energy design by The Crystalline. “I think it’s all about the intention, and the intention of putting something in the foundation of a place where people are stepping in to process, and to work, to unite, and come together just sets the tone for what kind of home this will be.”


According to WWD, Toomey’s fans include such luminaries as Christy Turlington Burns (whose workout plan I will follow to the ends of the earth) and Naomi Watts (whose workout plan I really do not care about, but a fine endorsement). Apparently the focus is not just toning your butt and thighs or whatever; it’s about toning your emotional state. As Toomey explained, “There’s a vibration that people can give off to take people down or lift people up, and you just have to be aware what direction you’re going, and that’s really what this work is about. What is it that you’re saying in there, and what is it that you’re believing?” Fuck me up, wellness mami! I want to believe!

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