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There Is No Such Thing As Taking Too Many Photos of Your Cat

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I am of the opinion that cats are perfect creatures—if they knew how to flush their own shit, they’d be perfect perfect creatures, but there’s still time for them to evolve a step further (maybe). It seems people who own cats are perfectly aware of their pets’ perfection, based on exactly one poll that found the average feline owner takes seven photos of their cat per day. And yet, that is still too low of a number.


Indeed, People reports that a OnePoll survey sponsored by Fresh Step litter yielded some interesting facts about cat owners, like that the average owner spends 1,016 hours with their cat per year. 41 percent of the 1000 owners surveyed said they’ve honored their cat with a framed photo, more than 75 percent chat with their cats as a form of therapy, and 66 percent would rather hang with their cats than their human friends, which makes a lot of sense, considering the current state of humans.

Then, there the thing about the seven photos—of course, an average suggests some of the polled cat owners take more than seven photos per day, but that also suggests some of the polled cat owners take fewer, which is a real waste of cat-having. I do not own any pets, but I am an avid cat-sitter. Each time I volunteer to care for a friend’s cat, I take several dozen photos. Cats have many angles—belly up, belly down, paw up, paw down, coy snout, biting me—and they all deserve their captured moment. Please, cat parents, do step it up.


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