There is a Rom Com Coming Out Called Jewtopia

Yes this is a trailer for a real movie and no, we have no idea why a man pretending to be Jewish to get a girl is interesting but that's apparently the premise of the movie Jewtopia, coming out this week in very limited release. Ivan Sergei plays Christian O’Connell, a man who wants to marry a Jewish "Because I never want to make another decision for as long as I live."


Jewtopia was first a book, then a play and now a movie, which actually has a relatively impressive cast of actors who are in possession of various levels of Judaism: Wendie Malick, Rita Wilson, Jon Lovitz, Tom Arnold, Jennifer Love Hewitt (who apparently took time away from touching penises to make this movie), Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Nicolette Sheridan. Jews! Love 'em!



Is this a good place to voice the fact that when other ladies say they "love Jewish boys" (typically then saying "I have such a crush on Seth Rogen/Jason Segel/Joseph Gordon-Levitt/etc") it seriously weirds me out? I don't know why exactly and it's not really a gender-specific thing, I've seen dudes do this but more frequently it's ladies. Is anyone else bothered by this? Just me? Okay.