There Are Moving Vans Outside Bennifer's House Right This Very Instant

There are moving vans outside Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s home in Pacific Palisades, California! And we all know what that means: the Affleck-Garners are movin’ to Calabasas! OK, it actually (probably) means Bennifer is like 99% of the way to Donesville, CA - population: 2.

It feels like this divorce has been buffering for six months, right? But I guess that depends on which tabloid you get your news from. [Radar Online]


Remember Brian Williams’s failed NBC show, Rock Center? You don’t? Understandable. Well, he had a show called Rock Center that aired from 2011-2013 and, in a “two-part September 2012 report,” he called cable news “corrosive” and that it “does nothing to help compromise in this country.”

The two-part September 2012 report was so unpopular at MSNBC that, at a network holiday party shortly after, some over-served staffers even chanted “f - - k Brian Williams.”

I’d probably be willing to give someone a week’s worth of Chipotle burritos for video of Rachel Maddow chanting that.

[Page Six]

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OK, so. You know how a couple days ago Taylor Swift took a stand against Apple for not paying artists during the three-month trial period of their new music service? And you know how Apple listened and changed their policy because of her?

Well, Jaime King (one of Swift’s best friends) decided to take a similar stand against online TV streaming sites for not paying cast and crew royalties. She posted this to her Instagram and deleted it soon after.

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TFW your BFF does everything better than you, right?

[E! Online]

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