There Absolutely Needs to Be a Celebrity Edition of Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

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Jennifer Garner, fresh off a Netflix binge of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, did what so many viewers do after discovering the KonMari method—she began cleaning out her junk drawer. And because she’s a famous person, she did so on Instagram, tossing out mostly useless crap and posting the caption, “@mariekondo I’m all about it. #doubloonssparkjoy #junkdrawer🙅🏻 #canyoucomeover.”


The clip is cute, but most importantly, it confirms the need for a celebrity edition of the show.

Imagine Tidying Up with Marie Kondo: Celebs. The series would inadvertently bring MTV’s Cribs into 2019, warts and all—bypass the luxury cars on the drive away and show us Wiz Khalifa’s ineffective garage storage system. Instead of a closet tour of name-brand items (which, by the way, would need to be donated), let’s see that cabinet full of expired makeup Kylie Jenner hasn’t had the heart to toss out yet.

They wouldn’t even need to be A-list celebrities, either. Imagine Vanderpump RulesScheana Marie being forced to toss out her newly acquired lamp shading attire. Give that woman a very nice box, stat.

The most profound criticism I’ve read on Tidying Up with Marie Kondo has centered around economic privilege. To have things to even consider dumping, you need to be able to afford frivolity. It’s hard to imagine a population better equipped to both have and dispose of useless junk than the rich and famous. Even if they have a team of experts keeping their stuff organized, there are certainly secrets hiding somewhere and we deserve to see them.


Netflix, feel free to reach out anytime. I’m ready to produce.



I work with a lot of low income families in their homes. You definitely do not need to be wealthy to have clutter. In fact, I would say being neat takes more money, because it’s fucking exhausting to be poor and who the fuck wants to clean and organize your house when you’re exhausted from working a double shift.