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Therapy May Not Help Premature Ejaculators

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Some doctors use behavioral therapy to help treat men's premature ejaculation. But a new study reveals this may be ineffective.


According to ABC, a review of previously published studies found insufficient proof that therapy actually helps men last longer. This is unfortunate, as experts think up to 90% of premature ejaculation cases have some psychological component. Some doctors continue to stand by therapy, and the authors of the recent review note that some studies do support its use — they're just too small to be conclusive. Says study coauthor Dr. Stanley Althof,

We've got a lot of studies out there and, by and large, the majority show that most people are helped by psychotherapy. But the studies didn't meet the bar for evidence-based research that's set very high these days. We really need to move into the 21st century with the kind of research we do.


So psychotherapy could help, but nobody's really done the work to conclusively prove that it does. Which isn't surprising, since treatment for premature ejaculation exists at the nexus of two very difficult areas of research: sex and psychology. Sex is notoriously hard to study — both acquiring funding and getting accurate data about people's bedroom habits can be extremely tough. And systematic testing of psychotherapeutic approaches remains controversial. The result: if it involves the connection between your brain and your genitals, chances are it's not very well studied. Says Althof, "This isn't about just enhancing your sex life or making you a better lover. This is about helping men or women with real problems." But of course, sex problems are real problems, and the sooner science recognizes that, the better off we'll be.

Not So Fast: Premature Ejaculation Treatment Questioned [ABC]

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Could it also be that premature ejaculation doesn't exist because it's really just a judgement call kind of thing?

Like, often when I'm going down on a girl I'll have an orgasm/ejaculation just from eating her out - is that premature ejaculation? It doesn't seem like it to me because both my primary partner and I end up satisfied.

On the other hand, if I had a partner who vastly preferred PIV sex, then it could be called premature ejaculation since she wants me inside her and I'm shooting off before that can occur.

Other times my primary partner wants me to orgasm quickly after I enter her because she's proud that she can get me off quickly (and knows I'll do other things to get her off) and will say things that she knows will get me to shoot in under 10 seconds. Is that premature ejaculation? Again because we both get what we want, I don't think so

But, if she liked to say those things but didn't want to me to blow that quickly, then I guess it would be considered a premature ejaculation problem.

What, I guess I'm trying to say is that this is only a "problem" if you look at amount of time penis is in vagina as the be all and end all of sex, but not everyone feels that way, so to create a diagnostic label for it other than "sexual incompatibility" seems sort of silly.