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I am absolutely delighted to report that today, Harry and Meghan made a surprise visit to Northern Ireland and specifically to Titanic Belfast, a tourist attraction dedicated to the famously sunken ship, blockbuster James Cameron hit, and long-running obsession.

They saw some prosthetic limbs made by the Titanic FX company, which were totally revolting:

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Somebody handed Harry a replica of the boat, which—if you had a sick sense of humor—would be a very funny thing to install in your office if you were a royal. But perhaps not everybody works out their existential angst about their jobs with recurring Titanic jokes! Anyway!

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Here you can almost see Harry quietly arriving at the same thought as the official Jezebel editorial policy on the Titanic: instead of hitting the iceberg, they should have gone around it.

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Really the question here is: Who would be inviting whom to the real party?