The Zombies Have Come To Jeze....Brains...Brains!

Illustration for article titled The Zombies Have Come To Jeze....Brains...Brains!

[New York, February 6. Image via Getty.]

Two dressed-up participants to New York ComicCon 2009, the city's main comic books fair, hand out copies of comic books, in New York on February 6, 2009. The three-day event, which runs 6-9 February, offers access to fans to the top names in comic books, television, gaming and film, catering to the sci-fi, horror and fantasy crowd, with hundreds of exhibitors and dozens of world-known artists attending.


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I want to do some kind of zombie-themed Halloween costume this year and in looking for ideas, I came across this: []

If any costume could not be sexified you'd think it was the putrid, rotting undead, but I obviously lack imagination. And a penis.