​The Youths Of Pinterest Lean Republican

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The Harvard Institute of Politics's biannual poll on public opinion is out again, and looking at the stats of 18 to 29-year-olds on social media, the results just make sense. While Facebook and Snapchat users were pretty much evenly split, Democrats dominated pretty much every form of social media, including Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr (what do Republicans have against pizza and Spongebob?). In fact, of the nine platforms listed, the only social media service that was Republican-heavy was Pinterest.


Republicans boast a solid 8% lead on Democrats on Pinterest, which makes a fair amount of sense. On top of organizations like the Heritage Foundation using the opportunity to reach out to the huge mass that is Pinterest, that place is a magical wonderland of beautiful idealized images and ideas, disconnected from the reality of how that shit even happens, right? Anchovy poop cupcakes could find a way to look absolutely mouth-watering on Pinterest. It's like the idea of the board format perfectly embraces the decontextualization necessary to make conservatism appear progressive—edgy even.

But then again, 16% more Democrats use Google + than Republicans, so Dems are either very avid Youtube commenters or they just have no idea what the hell they're doing.



That makes perfect sense. I use Pinterest to catalog recipes and interior design concepts that catch my eye, but the rest of it is terrible. Everyone is white and blonde and obsessed with weddings, babies, losing weight, 30-day squat challenges, outfits that always manage to combine chevron print/riding boots/mint and coral/sequins, Jesus, and putting Greek yogurt and coconut oil into recipes where they have no business belonging. It's this weird cult of modern femininity that leaves no room for individuality or enjoying the things you like.