The Worst Thing You've Ever Seen on an Airplane

That’s right, ya coozes! Pissing Contest is back! This week, we’re talking about the worst things that we’ve seen on airplanes and—considering how long it’s been since the last time we did this—I know that you’ve got a bladder full of great stories. Unleash the golden stream and we’ll highlight the best tales of airplane woe next Friday.

The Jezebel staff—being the jet-setting, bad luck magnets that we are—has our fair share of terrible airplane stories—from finding blood in the bathroom to being stuck on a flight with a man who won’t stop shouting “EL DIABLO” to a harrowing seven days on Rihanna’s 777 plane. But Pissing Contest isn’t about US. It’s about YOU. So tell your tales. We’re here to listen.


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