The World's Most Adorable Polar Bear Cub Has World's Most Adorable Belly

Today, in a special North Pole edition of the internet's most adorable animals, we have an astonishingly sweet polar bear cub. His name is Siku, and he is being hand-raised at a zoo in Denmark because his mother couldn't produce milk for him. He's only a month old and, thus, needs 24-hour care. Luckily, he has a staff of three people looking after his every wish—and from the looks of it, they have the best job ever. Look at him sticking out his little pink tongue!!! His big stretches! His baby belly! And, ohhh, those little groaning noises he makes! If little Siku doesn't warm the cockles of your cold, dead heart, than there is no hope left for you.


Polar Bear Cub Raised By Hand [CBC]

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I think in this instance, the appropriate word choice is "tummy."