The World's Geekiest Internerd Wedding Proposal

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The latest entrant the battle for over-the-top, ready-for-viral-fame proposals comes courtesy of a Digg employee whose attempt for nerd-love supremacy has put him in the lead for Most Internet-y Proposal Ever. So what'd he do?

Matt Van Horn pulled off his noteworthy proposal without a single coordinated dance routine; he did, however, use Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, and live-stream so that the couple's friends and family could watch the entire thing.


After enlisting a friend of his beloved to take the soon-to-be-fiancée on a random trip to a San Francisco park, Van Horn executed his tech-heavy plan, which he later explained:

So I had @hutchins hiding with me behind the rock with his iPhone live streaming the proposal and he also had a camera taking photos. I had sent out the link 30 minutes earlier to both our families, so they were watching live.

Once I got the signal that she was there, I checked into Bernal Heights Park via Foursquare which shouted the URL to the live stream on Qik, which automatically synced to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I knew Lauren received my tweets via text message on her phone, so I asked her to turn around as I proposed!

This is damn cute, you have to admit. But still, surprise — your parents have been spying on you this whole time! And when she learns this bonus information less than 20 seconds after saying yes, you can see a brief moment of what appears to be happy bewilderment— and good-natured WTF — cross her face. Not all that different than how a stranger might feel watching this on the internet. Nevertheless, Mr. Van Horn's efforts have earned him the elaborate-and-webby proposal (for now). Mazel tov, you crazy kids!

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Rikki Lehane

The entire idea of a proposal baffles me. The idea that whenever the man (most often) decides he's ready, he can just make this sappy, outdated gesture, and the girl will melt and know it's time? How about discussing it as adult equals?