The World Is Turning Upside Down in the Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer

Eggos aren’t close to the most terrifying thing to appear in the Stranger Things Season 2 trailer, but they remind us of all the sweet, normal parts of life that are just out of reach for the hardest working kids in show business.

Eleven wakes up with blood streaming from her nose, like you do, as someone screams her name. We see Dustin in his Halloween costume, maybe because the show is going up on Netflix on Halloween and you need to prepare your binge-watching candy-eating plans immediately.

There’s also a giant freaky spider monster drawing that appears over the whole town. That’s probably not good. Grab all the frozen waffles you can and get the hell outta town, children!


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I wanted to like these show so much. But two episodes of extremely boring later I realized it wasn’t going to happen.