The World Beyond College: How and Why to Tip Jezebel

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Do you know that we see all the tips that come into Jezebel? Everything from your hate mail about our provocative anti-milk stance to police corruption to bland PR pitches. We rely on you.


So we can all feel satisfied, even after we pull the Internet needle out of our arms each work day, we are asking for something more.

A lot of the ladies who tip us are college students. You are great. We want to hear about what's happening on your campus. We care and you are cool.

But we also know that readers of Jezebel eventually graduate (unless they go to Hampshire) and you have all sorts of access to the strange workings of the public and private sector. You work in politics, finance, law, and government. You know things and we want hear about them. You can see things we can't always see on our own.

Don't keep secrets and documents that protect shitty people. We have reporters and resources that we want to use to comb through those documents and tell the public your stories.

We are also interested in stories about the weird shit you ladies are into these days. Like, are you a big time molly dealer? Have you dated any one in ISIS? Are you in ISIS? Are you an international art thief? Are you the best singer on your psych ward? Get in touch.

We can always guarantee anonymity and we will sometimes—if it's worth it—pay for information and documents. But we want to broaden our scope a bit, and we want you to help us do that.


Send what you got to the tip line :

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