The Woman Who Accused Drake of Getting Her Pregnant Made It Up...Or Did She?

Images via Instagram.
Images via Instagram.

Layla Lace, the Instagram model who publicly accused Drake of getting her pregnant earlier this week, was potentially outed as a liar who wanted nothing but money and publicity by Gayson Kewley (a friend of Drake’s who goes by the name DJ Spade) Tuesday night. Kewley shared what appeared to be a screenshot from a private conversation someone (presumably Kewley) had with Lace over Instagram in which she proudly admits to have faked the whole thing.

KEWLEY: What you gon do when they find out is all fake doe

LACE: It will be too late lol publicity will make me $ even if he don’t want me idc

They gon hate u

I’m still gonna get this money [emoji of money bag]

The Shade Room immediately picked it up, and captioned their repost with, “Welp... another mystery solved.”


But was it? Not long after TSR dusted off their hands and closed the Drake v. Layla case file, Lace took to her own Instagram to give her side of the story. She po—wait, what? In the time it took me to write the first two paragraphs of this post, Lace made her Instagram private. Fortunately, I took a screenshot of her response just minutes ago:

Image via screengrab.
Image via screengrab.

As you can see, she’s calling Kewley’s screenshot “FAKE.” And, honestly, that’s a fairly convincing argument! Faking DMs and screenshots is wildly easy with a little patience and a little Photoshop. If the morning Dirt Bag didn’t have a hard deadline, I would prove this by spending half an hour faking Instagram DMs between me and Drake in which he professed his undying love for me.

Trust me, it’d look real. Perhaps even real enough to make news on The Shade Room! The point is: this story is far from over, and we should always question a screenshot.


Did all of you know that queen of yoga and Alec Baldwin’s heart, Hilaria Baldwin, seems sort of cool? I certainly didn’t until reading this recent interview with the actor in Gothamist. In it, he says:

My wife has a line, it’s a wonderful line. If I’m whining, kvetching about something, my wife will turn to me and she’ll say, ‘Nobody feels sorry for Alec Baldwin.’ She’ll turn literally to anybody on the street corner, ‘Do you feel sorry for Alec Baldwin? Anyone? Anyone?’


Now that’s what I call the “Living Clearly Method.”


Tom......we know.

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I have to admit I’ve always had a bit of an eyeroll for Hilaria Baldwin. Apropos of nothing really besides her name (not her fault I know but I see Hilaria and think hilarious and just start laughing) and the contant yoga photos and instagramming. But I may just be a fan now because that is great and so so true.