The White-Power Girls Of Prussian Blue Are All Grown Up

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At 18, according to their Facebook profiles, they're more into Bob Marley and Ravi Shankar than White Power.


Although Lynx and Lamb Gaede's horrifying White Power stage-mother (and matchmaker!) April Gaede, won custody of her two daughters, the twins are listed on Facebook under their father's name, Lingelser. This could, of course, not mean anything much, but it should be noted that their father has publicly disowned all White Power sympathies and accused their mother of "brainwashing" the twins with hateful propaganda.


Many of us were heartened (well, when we weren't nauseated by the rest of it) when, in a 2007 documentary, the teenage girls seemed unenthusiastic about their mother's racist ideology. And a look at their Facebook profiles is more encouraging still: in addition to a number of indie bands, Lamb lists "Pandit Ravi Shankar" as a musical favorite and "Likes" medical marijuana advocates "Affordable Caregivers." Sister Lynx, meanwhile, is a fan of the Roots, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and Hendrix, among many others — definitely not choices that would meet with their mother's approval. Another "Like?" "Not Having George Bush as President." Glaring in its absence is any mention of White Power or National Alliance music like Tribute to Bunker 84, United Blood or the White Devils.

While we may be grasping at straws, we choose to take these as good signs. And if these girls, indoctrinated from birth and made the face of such a heinous movement, can overcome its poison, then it gives everyone reason to hope. Sure, sometimes a Dylan song is just a song...but other times, it's the quiet start of a revolution.

(In any case, it's clear from this recent interview that mom April has not, shall we say, evolved. Daughter Dresden, still in elementary school, may have a tougher row to hoe.)

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While I really hope that they have come to their senses, and aside from the fact that it's kind of creepy to look at facebook profiles of teenagers who appear to have been pushed in to doing what they did - 'liking' Bob Marley and Ravi Shanker really doesn't prove anything.

Eric Clapton's first breakthrough hit was a cover of none other than a Bob Marley song (I Shot the Sheriff) and he has worked with plenty of black artists but it didn't stop him from saying publicly, on numerous occasions that Enoch Powell was the best thing since sliced bread and other gems such as "Keep Britain White" and "Throw the Wogs Out".

The only difference here is Clapton was old enough to know better when he came out with that kind of thing.