Inventor Spot brings us this wacky array of unusual footwear, including these extremely glamorous rat shoes, in their list of the "Top 10 Strangest Shoes In Fashion Today." A few personal favorites, after the jump.


The GameBoy Shoe: Because you should never have to walk around without the option to play Tetris. Of course, you could have this option by say, throwing your GameBoy in your bag, but honestly, it's just not as awesome.

The Landscape Shoe: Because nothing says, "I love the cows" like wearing leather.


The High Chair Shoe: Look, you guys! When you break your leg wearing these, you've got a walker built right in!


The Tarantula Shoe: Because nothing classes up clear stripper heels like a deadly spider.

The Hot Wheels Shoe: Size 8 1/2, please.

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