The Walking Dead's Ratings Are the Lowest Ever This Season

Image via AMC
Image via AMC

The Walking Dead’s is experiencing its biggest ever ratings drop this season, and the last episode was the lowest rated since Season 3.

Maybe the feeling of hopelessness on the show is all too real right now? Maybe they shouldn’t have killed off Glenn?????????????????? It’s notable that the ratings dip is happening after the series murdered one of our favorite characters, Glenn, who fell victim to Negan’s spiked bat in the most gruesome way in the Season 7 premiere.

According to Entertainment Weekly:

AMC’s mega-hit fell sharply after its seventh season premiere last month, and has declined steadily each week since to mark the steepest ratings fall in the show’s history. In fact, Sunday’s fifth episode of the season delivered the show’s lowest viewership since season 3.


This season, I’ve found myself bored and less invested in the relationships and narratives, especially with Daryl and Rick left defenseless under the rule of Negan and the air being completely sucked out of once badass characters. Despite his charm, Negan’s absolute power hasn’t been that intriguing to watch on screen. Per EW:

Viewership dropped 25 percent for the season’s second episode down to 12.5 million. Such a drop may have been expected somewhat given all the hype around the premiere resolving last season’s fateful circle-of-victims cliffhanger. But then the third episode dropped too (11.7 million), and so did the fourth (11.4 million) and now the fifth (11 million), with TWD marking a low point for the show since 2013.

Putting it in perspective, seven seasons is a lot for a cable show about zombies and The Walking Dead has managed to make it through with its credibility intact. Just bring Glenn back and forget that first episode ever happened.

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Maybe because Negan reminds us a little too much of a certain person who was recently elected? I like to work out my anxiety by getting scared of imaginary zombies, not have it amplified by getting scared of an imaginary dictatorial narcissist.