The Video of the Kiss That Wasn't a Kiss

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Remember that beautiful image of the kiss that was never a kiss, taken during the Vancouver hockey riots? We knew that it wasn't really what it seemed to be, but now we can actually see how it happened:


So yes, like the father described, it was an accident. A perfect example on how a still image can lie so perfectly. But it's still very sweet to see him protecting his girlfriend like that.

Single tear. [YouTube]



Wow. she actually wrestled her boyfriend to the ground, and rather harshly, too. Haven't seen that one before.

Video proves one thing, though: They weren't just passing through, they seemed pretty much stationary. When someone or something comes charging in your general direction, it's really cool to be on friendly terms with your animalistic flight-or-fight guts, and not be intoxicated. Not really sure why you would want to be there, and i don't understand why you would not either immediately run or somehow bring the point across of your not being a part of the mob. Dumb moves, all of them.