The Unending Cycle Of Hipster Fashion

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Here's a depressing thought: According to this chart, in about 20 years my theoretical spawn will be begging me to buy her Uggs and trying to leave the house with her thong hanging out of her jeans. [Flavorwire via Buzzfeed]


I really appreciate this chart because, me being a child of the 80's, it shows the resurgence of fashion that I just don't understand. When did Ray-ban Wayfarers comeback? Concert T-shirts, and half the shit I see the youngsters wearing. Being oldish at almost 36 I remember this stuff the first time around. I don't have to listen to Wham and Madonna as some new discovery and think of the 80's as some cool time that I missed.

I frankly hated the 80's. The only thing good about that time (to me) was the music. But that said, some of that fashion was just plain ugly. Shoulder pads anyone? I guess this is really a sign of getting old. I pay attention to Stacy and Clinton for fashion cues, but ultimately I buy what I like. Although, I still keep my red velvet Dr. Martens in my closet. I will not give them up.