The Trunk Show: 2016 in Televised Penis

Image via HBO.
Image via HBO.

2016 was the year prestige television finally heard the clarion call for gender egalitarianism in on-screen nudity—which is not to say they exactly heeded our demands of tit-for-chut, but they did show an unprecedented amount of male genitalia.


From the bot dongs on Westworld to 50 Cent getting his bell rung on Power, trouser snakes were slithering from the zippers that lock their fabric cages on all the premium networks. Below, you’ll find a supercut of the times in the past year that penises most blatantly appeared on television. Accidental cock shots were left out (I’ll leave that to our sister site Deadspin) as was any male nudity depicted in scenes of sexual assault or death.

Obviously, it is NOT safe for work. Click at your own risk.

(Shows in order of appearence: Shameless (Showtime), Vinyl (HBO), High Maintenance (HBO), Westworld (HBO), Westworld, Power (Starz), Game of Thrones (HBO), Vinyl, High Maintenance, Westworld.)


In television as in life, it’s more than possible that I overlooked a few penises. All I can say is “I’M SORRY” and give my assurance that we will see plenty more dicks in 2017, particular in and around the White House.

Video editing by Melissa Murray.

Managing Editor, Jezebel

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And on television, as in life, it is almost never the ones you’d want to see.